Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Freddie Jackson

Freddie Jackson is the man. I love, love, love, love his music. His music is a staple in Smooth Groove radio for a reason. I have about eight of his songs, and all eight are my absolute favorite Freddie Jackson song.

I guess if I had to pick a favorite it would definitely be Rock Me Tonight (For Old Times Sake). I can't resist singing along whenever it's on.

My Jam. Words can't express how much I love this song. It's called You Are My Lady.

Love this Duet! They don't make them like this anymore.

The man can sang! He was working that audience out!

My Freddie Jackson Playlist:
I Could Use A Little Love Right Now
Jam Tonight
Have You Ever Loved Somebody
A Little Bit More
I Don't Want To Love Your Love
Rock Me Tonight (For Old Times Sake)
You Are My Lady
Love Is Just A Touch Away

Classics! Every one of those songs. Nobody smooth talks (sings?)  lyrics like Freddie. Trust me. Download these songs immediately!