Friday, August 26, 2016

Summer Makeup: Coral Orange Ombre Liner

I've been busy reading. I've read a ton of books these last couple of weeks. I read Allegiant, that last in the Veronica Roth trilogy. I didn't really like it as much as I thought I was going to, and now I'm not even excited about the movie. Well, I wouldn't seeing Four (because he's fine!). Then I read Withering Heights by Emily Bronte because I need to read more classics. I wasn't a big fan of that although I did read some interesting discussions on it that made it a little more interesting. And lastly, I read Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. I love Jane Austen novels. It wasn't as good as Pride and Prejudice but I liked it. I think I read it back in middle school. Now I'm trying to get my hands on the latest Harry Potter book. I'm a big fan of Harry Potter but I've been kind of scared to read it since I've hears so many mixed reviews on it. But I'll never know until I read it. So much reading! Which is why I was long overdue for some fun shadow. 

I did a blue/green ombre liner last time and this time I wanted to try a coral/orange fade. So that's what I did. Unfortunately it didn't come out quite as good as the blue/purple one. Maybe the colors just aren't bold enough on my skin-tone. Oh well, I still ended up liking it. 

I used a white eyeliner pencil as an outline for the liner first. I think this is where I went wrong. I couldn't get the shape right because I was too lazy to sharpen the pencil. Smh. 

Then my colors refused to stand out. I used MAC Coral, NYX Africa, and MAC Orange. I think I needed a deep standout red and the NYX wasn't that. It was more orange than red. I should have used my Electric palette. Then I went in with the Physician Formula felt liner, which I need to review. So far I love that liner though! It would have helped if my mascara was more popping. That Revlon Ultimate All in One just doesn't give me those stand out lashes. 

I didn't cover the white well enough. Whoops!

I'll keep trying! Maybe I needed a Hot PINK? Hmmmm.