Thursday, July 20, 2017

Project Pan #19

A little late, but number 19! That's crazy. I'm almost to 20. If I had kept up with the updates I probably would have been further along-but consistency is hard. I think I've finished 18 or 17 eyeshadows. Almost as many updates as I've done. Two bronzers. A foundation. Primers. I've almost finished up one of everything....and a lot more I'm probably not remembering!

1. Too Faced Brow Kit- I've definitely made some great progress. I think I might finish this powder up in the next year. I should probably go fill in my brows now just to see if I can use up a little more. I don't like to wear this out, it's too harsh and the wrong color. But I will put it on when I get home. Probably not the best way to use it up...but it works. And I feel like I'm getting my coins worth. Even though I still hate this kit.

2. NYX Minimalism Lipstick- DONE! I thought I would never use it up. And there is still more lipstick in the cap-which I had no idea they put lipstick there...but I threw it out. Can't be bothered using it up, if I'm being honest.

3. Stila Rio Palette- I'm pressing on and still trying to use up this palette. I wasn't going to add this color- but I figured I might as well. I just hit pan on it a little bit ago-so might as well keep going! It's super chunky and flaky so it's not to hard to use it up.

4. Make U Forever Aqua Eyes Liner- I use it everyday. It's not the best liner because it won't stay in my waterline. It's really whittling down. After this is done I will prolly move on the the brown that I've also have forever!

5. L'oreal Sassy Duo- This one I'm a little sad about trying to pan. It's a nice cool (a little bit of warmth) taupe-brown-purple shade. I love this color. I heard way back it's a dupe of MAC Satin Taupe, which I've never seen. But it's also similar to Rum Raisin in the Too Faced Semi-Sweet palette. So I really should just go ahead and use it up!

6. Too Faced Piano Keys Eyeshadow- This is a huge white shadow. Maybe satin finish. It's not my color. It just doesn't do a whole lot for my eyes-atlhough it is wearable, it's just not my best look. For now it's been reduced to brow highlight. Lightly applied and mostly wiped off. It will be gone one day!

7. Lorac Primer- I'm so tired of this primer, but i'm determine to use it up! Soon. Very soon. Well, probably not but I'm trying to be optimistic. 

8. Smashbox Halo Powder- I'm tired of using powder foundations and I'm ready to get a liquid one. Or a BB cream. Or even a tinted moisturizer. Just anything other than powder. I have no idea how much is left. I only know that it seems to be lasting forever and the packaging still feels heavy. 

I think that's about all! I've added a ton of new products. Can't wait to see these all empty too! Do you protect pan- how is it going for you?