Monday, August 11, 2008

CoverGirl Eye Enhancers Snow Blossoms

I remember back to a time when I thought I would never use a white eyeshadow. What could white eyeshadow EVER do for me besides ASHEN my eyelids? But then in my senior year I bought this eyeshadow quad and it had.......right...a white eyeshadow. Now you know me. I don't throw anything away. I was going to figure out how to USE that junk because I did pay for it. After lots of experimenting and no real luck I visited the Covergirl website and got to reading about how your supposed to use the the quads.

That's where I read that it was mainly used as a highlighter. Which is good. It makes the eyebrows look better and really brings out your eyeshadow. So I got to thinking about it and ended up buying Covergirl's Snow Blossom shade which is not as good as the one I had in highschool but then again, it's not THAT bad either. But's it's also not good.

The lasting power SUCKS. It just dissapears so quickly. And it doesn't blend all that well. As with all Covergirl eyeshadows the applicator is horrible. It's all rough and scratchy. And unlike the one I had in highschool it doesn't look that great when I put it on. When I tried it wet it does look little better but it's just hard to spread around. Anyway, this is gonna be a drag to finish but I WILL...

Overall, I think there are better things out there to use as brow highlighter.