Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kiss French Manicure Kit for Tips & Toes in Sheer Pink

Everybody loves the look of a french manicure. With me, there is no exception. But the salon's usually charge about 8 dollars (I don't like acrylic nails) for the french manicure and it chips just as fast as if I had done them. And besides 8 dollars builds pretty fast and can be 2,900 a year. Pretty expensive right. So my alternative is a kit that cost about five dollars and lasts forever.

It does take some practice but once you get the hang of it, it works pretty well. The kit comes with tip guides( not nearly enough), a white polish, a sheer pink color, and a small small bottle of topcoat.

There are some things that are wrong with this kit. First off, if you use the tip guides there are not nearly enough considering that we all have ten nails. But I don't really use the tip guides, I freehand it (painting horizontally as opposed to vertically)because it's faster and more convenient for me. The next thing is the top coat which just plain sucks. It gets goopy and stringy. The last thing that could use some improvement is the pink which sometimes goes on streaky but for the most part it's kinda unnoticeable. And the last thing that's kinda bothered me was the white got really thick. When it's a little thick it's good because the line is whiter, but when it gets too thick it's harder to control but that's easily fixed by adding a little nail polish remover.

This kit is worth it though, once you get the hang of it, because you can make a gorgeous french manicure for just pennies! Also this seems to make my nails a bit stronger.....