Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Loreal HIP Flawless Liquid MakeUp

Foundation has got to be the most frustrating make-up there is. At least it is to me. First you have to find a match, which is easier said than done. Then you've got to make sure it looks right in all the different lights and you also have to make sure it photographs well, because an ashy face in pictures is not how you want to be remembered. Having said all that I can honestly say that this is what my foundation does for me.

I filled out request a request from Loreal to get a coupon in the mail so I could try this product absolutely free.I honestly didn't think it was gonna show up, but there it was one day. So before it expired I found myself once again in the cosmetics aisle trying to pick the right shade. And I only had a few seconds, so I didn't get to stare at the foundations for as long as I would have liked. HIP foundations are divided up into two categories, yellow based and red based. I didn't think I fit into either of these categories but I figured whatever, it's free and picked up Terra. So I checked out and blah, blah, blah. As soon as I checked out I felt really bad about the color, I almost wanted to give it back. I wasn't sure it was going to match.

So, I got it home and tried it for a few days and ultimately decided it didn't match. BUT four months later I took this same foundation out and for some reason it matched perfectly. The red undertones really looked nice on my skin. It doesn't rub off on everything and lasts for quite awhile. So, then it was time for the real test. The "photograph" test. Because ya'll ladies know that there are some foundations that you put on and it looks good. THEN you see a photo where you have it on and you look like a ghost. Which is not a good look for my brown-skinned divas out there. Anyway, my skin was BANGIN with this stuff on. So, in CONCLUSION i "love" this stuff. The best foundation I have used. I don't get break-outs and it doesn't make any blemishes scream "LOOK AT ME!". It's just a really nice medium-coverage foundation.

The only thing that's kinda wrong is the glass bottle which is not all that sanitary but if you wash your hands and face before you use it you should be fine.