Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Loreal Voluminous Mascara

So, I was in the market for some new mascara and I thought I should venture outside of Maybelline because I just always seem to end up with that brand.

The first thing I notice about mascara is the packaging. And this tube is really pretty. It just seems like it's more expensive because of the gold top. So on to the mascara. As is customary to me, the first week or so I thought this mascara was an over-hyped piece of junk and I was convinced it was doing nothing for my lashes. The next week (which is generally when I get the hang of the mascara) I ended up really liking it.

My lashes looked long, thick AND DARK. And they curled up soo nicely. It's also not crunchy, they are not soft but they are not crunchy either. It's pretty easy to get off and just NICE. So, out of all the mascaras I've tried I definitely think this is the best. I mean, I was looking back at all the pictures where I have it on (I take lots of pics when I'm bored) and my lashed just look VOLUMINOUS......hahaha

Please excuse the ridiculousness of that the fist pic......