Monday, September 8, 2008

Blue Magic Condition Hair Dress

Don't play me. I know you know about that blue magic. It's old school and damn near everyone has had this junk in their hair at some time. It's also probably the most feared hair product on the hair boards because it has large amounts of petrolatum and mineral oil. It also has an appalling amount of blue coloring.

And yes, I know that mineral and petrolatum are supposed to be bad for your hair but I can never just take somebody's word for it. And this is gonna sound bad but I also bought this stuff for sentimental reason's. I used it back in high school and I just wanted to smell it again.

, I can honestly say I'm over it. The smell isn't great. And being that this is grease it can funk up your hair. I wouldn't use this if I were a co-washer. But it's not THAT hard to shampoo out. So let's get down to it. I dont really have that many good things to say about this stuff. It makes my hair greasy and dry at the same time. Amazing, hnh? The only thing about it that was good ( and that was less then average was that it held my twists, but virtually anything holds my twists). And when it gets right down to it, I HATE how blue it is. I keep thinking the blue is seeping into my scalp....

As far as the anti-breakage..I can't really say..I mean my hair is not breaking and was probably not going to start seeing as I don't use any heat or do anything damaging to my hair.

Now as far as the ingredients, I don't think mineral oil and petrolatum is as bad as they make it out to be. I don't think it does anything to promote growth, but I also don't think it hinders. As for moisturizing, it leaves alot to be desired. As do the ingredients. which are essentially mineral oil, petrolatum, and blue stuff.

And I can see this irritating to people who are sensitive to certain coloring.
Blue Magic Condtioner Hair Dress "Anti- Breakage Formula Review