Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Suave Tropical Coconut Review

This has to be the most raved about stuff on the hair boards so of course curiosity got the best of me and I had to pick it up. It didn't hurt that it was only a dollar a piece, so into the cart it went. So onto my experience with it.

I'm not the biggest fan of coconut but it does smell pretty good. The scent did get boring after awhile. So the first time I used this it dried the mess out of my hair. But the optimist in me decided to keep trying it because the last shampoo/condtioner I used was loaded with cones so I thought that may have been the cause. Unfortunately no matter what I did, it still always dried my hair. So I decided to use it as a co-wash. And the conditioner was just not moisturizing enough. Maybe if I doctor it up with olive oil and all that good stuff. I can't blame this duo though because nowhere on it does it claim to moisturize...only to nourish.

As for defining my curls, it does a suprisingly good job of defining which sets my hair up fine for whatever i want to put on afterwards. It's not bad but I feel like there are a million things that are better for my hair. I also feel as though the shampoo stripped yet didn't really clean my scalp. But the shampoo is really pretty to look at.The conditioner is kinda runny which some people find ideal for co-washing but unfortunately it's just not moisturizing enough....

Ingredients aren't the greatest and at a dollar it has some horrible things but it also has some good stuff at the bottom like coconut extract, glycerin, vitamin e, silk amino acids, honey, and rosemary and nettle extract.

So it's probably not the worst at that price but there are things that are better......