Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Black Radiance Radiant Lip Gloss in Plum Perfect

Ok, so it's true. I used to be Bourgeouis. I once vowed that I wouldn't touch anything Black Radiance with a ten-foot pole. But somehow this ended up in my hand. Something about it being a purplish color and the fact that I hadn't tried anything purple colored.

I had a bad experience with Black Radiance once. Something about the smell. It just stunk. But now it smells kinda good. Actually it's kinda perfumy which at times is a good thing and other times it's not.

But lets talk about what it looks like on. It looks soooo pretty on especially in the sun. Thanks to this lip gloss I want to try everything black radiance especially the blushes. They look so pigmented and pretty and unique.

And the ingredients surprisingly have some great things in it in addition of courses to the horrible chemicals.

But I do recommend trying run to your store and get this color ASAP.....