Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cover Girl Lash Blast

First off, I love the name and the orange packaging of this mascara. Orange is my favorite color so I had to have this. So anyway on the the review.

I think that from the reviews I expected the greatest mascara ever. But once I lowered my expectations I liked this mascara a whole lot more. The shade of black and the consistency of the mascara are really great. A plus and a negative for me was the packaging. I love fat mascara packages but sometimes it was too bulky. Another thing I had a love hate relationship with was the brush. On one hand I loved it. The brush itself is fat and wide while the bristles are short and rubbery which seems to be good for building lashes. On the other hand because the brush was so bulky, it's harder to reach corner's and easier to make a mess.

The staying power is pretty decent and I never noticed flaking or smudging. It washes off pretty easily and it curls just a little although I've definitely had better curling with other mascara's. This mascara volumizes and lengthens pretty well. If I were looking for something that does a decent job at both then I would certainly pick this one.

Overall it's not my favorite but it's pretty high up there. I would definitely recommend trying it.