Tuesday, February 10, 2009

N.Y.C Eyeliner Pencil White

I like trying weird things and I was always curious about why cosmetic lines even sold white eyeliner. I read in one magazine that white eyeliner makes the whites of your eyes appear whiter and it helps make the eyes look bigger. (like I need help making my eyes look bigger) And plus Tyra claims to use it. I definitely don't want to look like Tyra but I used it anyway. (her makeup looks kinda scary most of the time)
When I first put it on it looks weird. Like I have weird white gooey stuff running from my eyes. The trick is to look away for a few minutes then look at your reflection. Then it looks much better then it does on first glance. I don't really notice it making my eyes appear bolder and brighter. But it was fun to try. Probably not something I would repurchase because I don't like the look THAT much.But it is potentially good as a base for your eyeshadow. It brings out metallic in eyeshadow that normally wouldn't stand out without it. Another thing about it is that once you sharpen it, it will want to break from that point on.

If you want to try it then I would go for it because it was only ninety nine cents. I'm going to try and finish it but I doubt that I would ever repurchase. Besides the wear time really isn't that great but it does seem to glide on pretty good. I would recommend closing it after every use so it doesn't dry out.

Scary or beautiful? U decide...