Monday, April 13, 2009

Bath and Body Works Pleasures Sparkling Peach Body Cream

MMMM...Sparkling Peach.

I love peaches. And this smells like peach, although sometimes it seems to have the same note as room spray. Most of the times, I like it though.

Velvety Georgia Peaches glow in a summer orchard. Bright. Juicy. Vivacious.

Great description. The packaging is nice and classy. And it moisturizes to boot. The scent lingers a couple of hours too. With all that being said I'm not sure I would like it so much at nine fifty and tax but at four dollars, I'm loving it.

The ingredients do have a few things worth mentioning. Avocado Oil, Smoothing Fruit Enzymes ( what are they and what do the do?), Calendula, honey extract, lemon extract, hop extract, cone extract, rosemary extract, aloe juice, and Almond Oil. Then it has theOTHER ingredients. You know chemicals, mineral oil, and petroleum.

Overall, not bad.