Monday, April 13, 2009

Conair Detangling Comb for Wavy/Curly Hair

Why did I take the picture with the comb facing the other way? Oh Well that's not the important thing. So because my last comb sucked and it broke in half while I was detangling, I had to get another comb to detangle my naps with.

Of course I'm attracted to weird things and this was shaped so weirdly I was skeptical to if it was going to go through my hair. Lo and Behold, it did! Very easily. I realized just how much the other comb I was using sucked. It seems sturdy and the best part...... I actually detangle more which is so much better for my hair. I'm ashamed to admit I only detangled my hair.... about once a month....but this comb changed me for the better (dramatic, i know)

I was also skeptical because the comb is Conair, and I hate Conair. Who would have thought?

Note:Inspect the comb for snagging pieces because some of them do have pieces that SNAG.