Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lip Smackers Cotton Candy Flavored Lip Balm

As long as I've had this blog I've never reviewed anything Cotton Candy scented. So I was in the store looking for something cheap to buy and I was like why not a lip smacker?

As good as She Butter is it sometimes gets boring and I find myself looking for something a little bit more girly and fun.

I don't usually like Cotton Candy things but I always like picking stuff I don't usually go for so to checkout it went.

It's a pale pink and I noticed it's a little more creamier than other. For the most part its clear it can look strange if layered on too much. It smells kind of like pink vanilla buttercream. Not really much like Cotton Candy. Does Cotton Candy even have a smell? I'll have to see.

It moisturizes pretty well.........

Overall it was OK....

Nothing Spectacular Here.