Saturday, June 27, 2009

Eyebrows My Way

Eyebrows are one of the things that I only recently mastered. I once had them razored but they grew back within the week and I'm too clumsy to use a razor myself. Then I started getting them waxed. But they charge eight bucks and it can be costly if done regularly and I'm always left with crooked eyebrows and angry red bumps where the wax was (I always wonder about how sanitary it is ). I tried tweezing but I would only get one done and the other eyebrow looked crazy.

So then I got the bright idea to use Nair. Yes I know your not supposed to use it on your face. But being the daredevil that I am, I'll try almost anything. It's cost effective and I didnt experience any side effects. Please remember, if you try it it will at your own risk.

I use q-tips, a brow brush, hair remover cream, and then some stuff to fill in afterwards.

Ewww.....These are my brows before.They look worse in person...

I brush them up and outwards. This helps to find the natural arch.

Squirt some cream and dip the Q-Tip in.

Apply to hair that falls outside the natural arch.

Wipe off after a few minutes, fill in brows and there you go....Cheap, convenient, and cost effective.........