Saturday, July 11, 2009

RA Cosmetics 100% Shea Butter

I did a reveiw of the results I got using this on my face. This time I''m back to report my results from using it everywhere else.

It's chunky shea butter that I melted down to get it a little easier to use. It has a smoky nutty smell that dissipates rather quickly when you use it. And it was only five dollars. YAY!

On Face: Like I said before I slather this on at night (yes I look like a grease monkey but who's gonna see me) and it makes breakouts less likely. If they do happen to appear they are usually gone in a day leaving no scarring. It has also been helping to fade my blemish marks. Who needs foundation when there is Shea Butter?

On Hair: I have to be honest, this is the BEST hair moisturizer I have ever used. I can't believe it took me so long to use it on my hair. I like it best on wet hair but it works dry too. When I put it on it feels like real moisture! My hair stays moist and doesn't dry out AT ALL. It also helps define some curls and keep frizz way. If I could, I would marry SHEA BUTTER! That's how much I love it,

On Body: It's great for the body also. It is a little hard to spread and takes a minute to absorb but thats understandable. It is all natural after all. It leaves my skin ridiculously soft and works wonders for hands and feet. It's good for exzema, psoriasis, stretch marks, and massages. And let's not forget it acts as a natural sunscreen.

I highly recommend it. It's great for EVERYTHING. I use it like some people use Vaseline. But Shea Butter is much better than Vaseline.