Sunday, September 6, 2009

French Manicures My Way

If you've read my previous post you know that I hate getting my nails done because it's overpriced and stll chips anyways. Last time I reviewed a KISS French Manicure Kit. But you dont always need a kit. You can customize your colors yourself. These are my favorites to use after the kit runs out.

If your into nail art a basic whte s a must. This one is by L'oreal. It's a pure white. No streaks or anything and perfect for french manicure. And only that. It has a ponted tip. When I opened the bottle at home my jaw nearly hit the floor. I was not expectng the slanted tip. After some practice it was easier to make a line with this than the regular brush tip. I really like this white and suggest at least trying it.

This next color is one of my favorites. But as you can see the bottle s almost gone. I LOOOOVVE this color for french mancures. It's called Revlon Sweet Nothings in Lilac Lingerie. I wouldn't say this is a Lilac, ts more of a sheer sparkly understated glttery pink. It looks nice on naked nails too. I think this was limited edition. And my bottle is empty. But if you come across one I hghly recommend it. Oh, isn't the bottle cute?

Next up is the Sally Hansen No Chip Topcoat. I read some pretty good reviews on ths stuff on But for me it doesn't work at all. I would be better off wth nothing. It does add a little shine. But that's about it. Even my toenails chip with thi stuff on. I must admt it does work a little better if you use a thick coat of it. And it dries pretty fast too. But even so I wouldn't recommend it.