Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lip Smacker in Pink Lemonade

Well I couldn't make the picture clearer but look what I found when browsing the web. An old smacker's advertisment. They had some interesting flavors. Did you know Smackers used to have a flavor called Chocolate Cherry. How good does that sound?

Well the latest flavor I added to my collection is Pink Lemonade. It smells exactly like Pink Lemonade. You know that Country Time Pink lemonade powder. This smells EXACTLY like it. Anyway that bring me to the question of why pink lemonade is PINK? I mean it isn't strawberry or raspberry flavored because they have separate powders for that.

Anyway, this is pretty good at moisturizing and as usual there is no flavor. It's OK. I would only recommend if you are a fan of lemonade.