Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Afrikan Republic Lavender Vanilla Shea Butter

The same time I ordered the big sixteen ounce white Shea Butter I had a 1 ounce scented She Butter thrown in. Y'all know I love Shea and I wanted to try a scented one. It costs about $3.75. Which I think is overpriced especially since they sell seemingly the same thing on www.naturessheabutter.com for a dollar cheaper. I think Afrikan Republic just changes the label. Don't quote me on that though.

On the website it says:
This handy unrefined Shea butter scented with Lavender and Vanilla is now available in a convenient 1oz size that can easily be kept in your pocket, purse, desk drawer or glove box. Never be without the Shea butter you love so much again!

It's not as creamy and easily melting as regular shea butter which I'm thinking is because of the essential oil. It's a bit harder to dig out. I don't like the scent straight from the container. However, I love it after it's been on my skin for a minute. Perfect for if you have a man friend that's going to be close to you. It smells more vanilla with a small amount of lavender.

Another thing is these smell as though they were scented with that the REAL essential oils. None of that diluted fragrance oil stuff.

If you like Shea Butter these are definitely worth a try. It's small enough for the purse and you can use it anywhere( hair, skin...).I'm gonna have to find a bigger container!!!