Monday, November 16, 2009

Poshe: Spoil Me Rotten With Poshe

I found this at Ross' for 6.99. I was convinced this was a bargain because I remember reading on that Poshe was the second best top coat ever and goes for about $6.99 by itself. I was all over this. It comes with a polish reviver, the topcoat (of course), and some cuticle cream.

What it says on the box:
....and they say diamonds are a girls' best friend! Spoil Me Rotten with Poshe's™ best products ever. It doesn't get any better than this. Show off those nails weeks after your manicure by using these great products that make your nails stay looking great! Shhh... they'll think you have a private manicurist your nails will look so good. We won't tell.

This fabulous trio of nail care products is ready to spoil you by keeping your nails glossy and chip free, and your cuticles healthy and moisturized. Don't forget to revive that manicure weeks later to keep your manicure going strong. Packed full of everthing you want including Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Botanicals, UV Inhibitors, Ridge Fillers, and more, these are the best nail care products on the market! Our products leave out the harmful things like Formaldehyde and Toluene! Whether you are on the road, right at home, or prefer to take your own personal products to the salon, spoil yourself rotten with these perfect Poshe' ™ products. Your nails will love you for it.

Super Fast Drying Top Coat
For Use on Natural or Artificial Nails,Non-Yellowing,No UV Lights or Heated Dryers Needed,Highest Gloss Available,Revives Existing Manicures,Chip Resistant,Two UV inhibitors,Award Winning.So this top coat is different in that you apply it over wet nail color. The gloss wasn't that great and I'd say it lasts about three days without chipping then I started to see minor chipping. I don't like it for nail art though since you have to use it while the whole nail is wet. Nail art just doesn't work like that. For me, it wasn't that bad and is definitely one of the better topcoats.

AHA Cuticle Care
Anti-Aging,For Use on Healthy Natural or Artificial Nails,Prevents Hangnails ,Exfoliates Dry Skin,Moisturizes,and Hydrates All Types of Skin,Promotes Healthy Nail Growth. On this product goes for ten dollars for half an ounce. Ummm, yeah, NO. AHA's my butt. And it smells like cherry medicine.The AHA's didn't do anything. The only difference I saw was a little less peeling in my nails. No exfoliation of any cuticles. I say use some Shea Butter. (smile)

Polish Reviver
Revives Thickened Polish to Original Viscosity, No Formaldehyde, No Toluene,Non-Yellowing, Can be used with other Brands, Helps Fashion Colors Dry Faster and Shinier Too! This goes for 2-3 dollars.. But I would skip buying it and just add some nail polish remover to old nail polishes.. I messed up the consistency of one of my polishes because this would not mix it. It does work with some colors though.

So for the price, this was great. But separately I can only recommend the topcoat.