Monday, November 16, 2009

Sally Hansen Moisturizing Fast and Gentle Nail Polish Remover

Since I'm reviewing nail products I figured I minus well review some nail polish remover. No one probably reads it but oh well.

Me and Sally Hansen don't really get along but I always give her a second chance.

It's Claims:
Removes polish and moisturizes dry, brittle nails.Enriched formula with essential
nutrients helps promote strong, healthy-looking nailsand cuticles with every use.A special blend of Vitamins and Aloe Vera replaces moisture in dry, damaged nails.

It smells kinda like plants. I think it's supposed to be an Aloe Vera scent. And it sticks to your hands afterwards. Which is alot better than the scent of Acetone sticking to your tips. It removes pretty quick and depending on the type of nail polish and using the extra thick cotton balls I can get it all removed with just ONE. I don't find myself scrubbing like a maniac either.

And I got it for $1.65 as you can see from the price tag. So overall, I like it.