Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Losing Weight

I was really excited yesterday and I wanted to write a blog post yesterday but I had a paper and no matter how hard I stared at the computer it refused to write itself. :/

So I'll start with my weight first. So I've gained some pounds and while I don't think it's evident from the way I look I can definitely tell in my arms and thighs.

Three weeks ago  I was in my room with my two friends and we get on the scale. Let me just say I was not very happy with my number. So we set a weigh-in for the next week. And I dropped six pounds. We skipped two weeks with Thanksgiving had another one and in those two weeks I dropped three pounds (This was yesterday. So that's nine (really wish it was 10 because I like round number's) So I was ECSTATIC!!!!

I'm about ten pounds off from my freshman year weight where I looked like this.

After I lose those ten pounds, I wanna go for another ten. So that will be my goal for the end of next semester. Then you won't be able to tell me nothing. Over the summer I'm going to tone up.

So for the month of December I have ten pounds to drop.

And another reason I'm so excited is I'm getting my hair straightened and trimmed on Friday.It will be my first time straightEning since going Natural. I'll post pictures on Saturday.