Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lesson Learned: In Relationships

So this is my blog, and I was just feeling a certain way about some stuff so I decided to write on it. So recently I had my heartbroken. By a man of the worst kind. A snake in sheep's clothing. Now I don't see anything wrong with being a snake but don't pretend to be something your not. As much as I want to write in detail, I won't because I don't want my business out there. But through it all, I love that I can smile through the pain. Because this man tried to destroy me but he couldn't.

So here's some stuff that I learned. I just though I would share so if anyone reads this it can help them too.

1. Listen when he talks about past relationships. If he talks about how he did this girl and that one wrong listen and believe him. Don't believe your the exception. Let someone else believe his lies. Unfortunately, I didn't and thought I would be the exception. Um yeah, NO. The sad thing is he has a girlfriend and still goes out of his way to lie to me. Will never understand that.

2. Know there is someone out there who is worthy of your time, and you shouldn't compromise on anything you KNOW you deserve. Now I'm not saying don't compromise because compromise is an important part of a relationship.

3. Listen to friends and family. Don't turn your back on friends and family. Because they are gonna be there in the end. That man can leave at aanytime.

4. Always be a lady. No matter what. I was tested. And let me tell you I ccould have taken it there but in the end I felt much prouder of myself for handling the situation like a woman.

I think that's all I have to say. I wanna share this song. It's really been hitting my heart for some reason. But I'm gonna get through this and be the strong woman my mother and father raised me to be. And yes I know it's dangerous to listen to the oldies when your going through so I keep it to new stuff. And trust me I have a great collection of oldies thanks to my dad.

I try to think of the good things that came out. Like the things I learned but I think I payed to great a price for that lesson. But I'm writing poetry. I would share but the stuff is too raw.