Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Blue Lagoon Iceland Intensive Cream For Dry Skin

I had the pleasure of living in Iceland. Before you go asking if Iceland was warm because Greenland is warm, let me tell you, ICELAND IS COLD. VERY COLD. Just not AS cold as Greenland. One of Icelands more popular places is the Blue Lagoon. I never had the pleasure of getting in the Blue Lagoon but I did see it. It supposedly has skin healing propertiesThey take those healing properties and put it in lotion. It's also special because it can be freezing and snowing but the water will remain very warm.Now when I lived there some nine years ago this lotion was $15 a tube Now you can only get it from the Blue Lagoon site and it costs....$65. Yeah. WOW. I've had this awhile now and they've since changed the packaging.

It's Claims:
Softening and Regenerating cream for very dry and chapped skin. Specially developed for sensitive skin. Fragrance Free. smells average. But it is Frangrance Free. It's actually pretty average a moisturizer though. Nothing that makes me want to pay 65 for it. I have an aunt with eczema and this helped her. I guess if I had a skin condition this would be good but since I have pretty normal skin it doesn't wow me. I'de rather use Shea.

Purified Water, Petrolatum, Parrafin, Acetylated Lanolin Alchohol, Isopropyl Myristate, squalane,, cetearther-25, natural minerals from the Blue Lagoon (sodium chloride, calcium chloride, pottassium chloride, cetyl alchohol, glyceryl stearate, simethicone, carbomer 940, sodium hydroxie, methylparaben, propylparaben

Not $65 dollar ingredients. And what's the need for sodium hydroxide?

I will admit this is great if you have dry hands except it doesn't last that long. Temporary is fine.

Overall, this  was OK, but I wouldn't break my neck to use it again.