Monday, January 18, 2010

Denmen VS Goody Knock Off

When I first decided to go natural, I started reading online about natural hair like I was obssessed. It seems that every fotki I visited had a picture of a denman. Unfortunately, I didn't have access to Sally's so I settled for the Goody knock-off. And it has served me well. It get's all my shed hair out so it doesn't tangle on itself. The one part that didn't hold up is the red part. It sometime's likes to slide up. It still worked though so I didn't care.

Over Christmas break I had access to Sally's and I couldn't resist the Denman. It's sleeker and just feels like better quality. It has less teeth and is a bit smaller but it does it's job.

For me other than it looking better it doesn't detangle my hair any better or worse than my knock-off. My Goody brush costs around five dollars and the Denman was ten. For price, I'de say go for the Goody.

Now that I have the Denman I'll probably give my Goody to my mom to use in her and my sister's hair.