Sunday, January 17, 2010

Curl Envy

As I've gone natural I've noticed some people have curl envy. The most admired hair always seems to be the hair with a curl pattern. The looser that curl pattern is it seems the better. I can't really understand why. The way some people act it seems as though they cannot wear their own hair natural if it isn't curly.

I can't understand this. I love all types of natural hair whether it is curly or not. I almost feel sometimes like I wish I didn't have any type of curl pattern because it would be easier to detangle and straighten. I wouldn't have to pick out tiny curls.(which takes forever hence the reason why I don't do it).

I especially cannot stand when someone insists they cannot go natural because their hair won't look right. Most people that I've talked to haven't even seen their natural hair and have no idea how to deal with it or what it looks like.

I almost feel like I'm contradicting myself a little bit though because when I review products I review it based on how it made my curls look. But thats the way my hair grows out and I want to enhance it as best as I can. If I hadn't been born with curls I wouldn't love my hair any less than I love it now.

I just think it's time we start embracing all types of natural hair. I don't know. Just my random thought for today.