Saturday, January 16, 2010

Red Nail Polish??: NYC Big Apple Red Creme Nail Polish

Over the summer I was watching alot of the Cosby show. In fact, I watched all the seasons. I LOVE the Cosby show. In many of the episodes Claire Huxtable, my idol, wears red. Now I hate red nail polish. It seems "fast" to me. I can't explain it, but it looks so nice on her. Regine from Living Single also makes red look nice. I thought I'de give it a try.So I went to my trusty NYC aisle and found Big Apple Red.

And I applied it. And I still don't like red. At least not this one. It just doesn't look right on me. I swear it makes my hands look ugly. I'll keep trying with red and hopefully I find one that makes me like red. I did find a good use for it though.

Lady Bug Nails!!!!!

In person it's more of a RED RED. And I know my lady bug is messed up but I still like it. I got the idea from youtube. On my toes it's not so bad and that's probably how I'll end up using the rest of the bottle.

Overall, I don't reccomend it. But if you know if a red that I might like, feel free to recommend it.

Edit: I tried it with a gold glitter polish on top. It's slowly growing on me now.