Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How Much Should You Take????

I'm almost twenty-one years old and I feel like I've seen alot in relationships. What I mean is, I see my friends, people that aren't friends, aquaintances, just women take ALOT of BS from their men. Before my policy was if he makes you cry more than he makes you laugh then you should let him go. But like the saying goes "Easier said than done".

But we as women take ALOT. We take our boyfriends lies, cheating, sometimes verbal abuse, and SOME women justify physical violence in their heads.Sometimes I just wonder if it's all really worth it. The optimist in me just keeps wanting to believe there is someone waiting out there, willing and ready, to treat me like a QUEEN. The other part of me, the pessimistic me, is like I minus well not waste my time because there's nothing but knuckleheads and thugs out there, misguided about what a relationship means, or is supposed to mean.

Is it too much to ask for a little love and respect?