Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Love Music: Adina Howard

I lost my camera charger. But it's ok. I ordered another one. I should get it before next week. But anyway, continuing on with artists that I like. Adina Howard. I used to always hear "Freak Like Me" on the radio and wonder who it was. That was my jam.

I love the nineties.

The next song I loved by her was "T-Shirt and Panties by Jamie Foxx. I think it's from the movie Woo.

Anyway, I don't listen to Miss Howard when I'm in the mood for a great voice because some songs I've heard by her left me wondering how she got a record deal. I mostly listen to her when I want something fun to sing and dance "sexy" too. That being said she does have alot of songs that I really love. These are my top songs by her.

1. Freak Like Me
2.T- Shirt and Panties
4.Phone Sex
5. Freaks
6. Nasty Grind
7. Crank Me Up
8.Don't Come Too Fast
9.Bed Springs

Check her out!!!