Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Maybelline XXL XX-Treme Length Microfiber Mascara in Very Black

I am starving. I know I'm trying to shed a few pounds. But I think I'm gonna go for some pineapple pizza from Papa John's. Well, anyway, I'm not supposed to be thinking about food. So ,back on topic. My favorite topic, mascara. This one just looked classy which is why I was drawn too it. I mean black and gold. Wow. Over Christmas break I was in CVS and saw alot more. They have Curl Power (black and purple), 24 hr BOLD (black and orange),  volume (black and red), and more. How I wish I could try them all.

It's Claims:
Why You'll Love It.Beautifully tamed lashes with length beyond belief. Discipline Gel uncrosses unruly lashes
Ultra-black top coat visibly lengthens lashes up to 85%.Contact Lens Safe.Ophthalmologist Tested.

When I got it home, I read the back and realized this mascara isn't neccessarily intended for me. My lashes are pretty well behaved. They don't cross or anything. But if you do have those type of lashes you might consider giving it a shot. The white part really does it's job. And the black part is good enough to stand alone when in a rush. The color is nice.

My only complaint is that it takes two steps. And while fun and cool to play around with at first, I sometimes don't have enough time to apply two different colors. Plus I think it works better when you wait for the first coat to dry.Other than that, I like it, it's pretty good and I would consider getting it again.( if there weren't so many other's to try)

Oh yes, umm, please ignore that big juicy pimple. I been stressing lately. I need to get back on my Shea Butter.