Sunday, April 4, 2010

Tank : A Love to Call My Own

So, last night I went to this play called A Love to Call My Own. I enjoyed it. It is a Hampton original and it's put on every year at Hampton University. It is a little formulaic. The idea is one that I've seen many times before. Kinda like the Tyler Perry play themes. I still liked it though. And guess who made a special appearance. TANK!!!

That man can SANNNG!! And I mean this was live. He sounded great. He looked pretty good too.  Although he's kind of short. After the play we were standing around waiting and pretty much everyone was gone. And he walks by. My friend Carla was like "Can I have a hug?". By the time I realized it was him, he was gone. I woulda asked for a hug or a picture too.

He only did one song. He sang Maybe I deserve. I wish he would have done another song though. That was my first time seeing someone famous. We had front row seats too. So that was my Saturday.

And Happy Easter everyone!!