Thursday, July 8, 2010

Vacation: Disneyland Paris

So this fourth of July we went to DISNEYLAND!! I was like a big kid all over again. I LOVED LOVED LOVED it. That was my first time at Disneyland too. Paris is only about three or four hours away from my house. Isn't that crazy? For some reason I thought it was much further.

The day that we went they were welcoming Princess Tiana. I didn't pay much attention the the whole princess and the frog thing but for some reason when I was at Disneyland I became obssessed with it. The girl dressed up as Tiana was gorgeous and her prince was a cutie although he didn't really look like Prince Navid. I didn't feel like standing in line to take a picture with them but I did grab nearly everything Princess Tiana I could find. Unfortunately they didn't have much though.

I also grabbed a set of Minnie Mouse ears!!! Love them...

We watched the Parade too. I LOVED that. I wanted to push all the little kids out the way so I could get closer but I was able to control myself.

We also went to a car stunt show that was amazing. I wish I was a stunt man.

We ate at the Rainforest cafe. Unfortunately the food wasn't that great and the prices were ridiculous.Check out my steak....

Lastly we went back to the city of Paris but I didn't get any pictures because I got all that last time. SO now I've been to the eiffel tower twice but I've never been to the top. I'll get there one day.

Oh and most exciting we went to the SEPHORA!!! The sephora in PARIS!! Sigh....I didn't buy anything though because it was all euros and super expenisive but I really enjoyed playing with the products. And check out Lous Vouton Paris. Next time I'm going in, but that line was LOOOOONNG.....

Then when we were outside of McDonalds this seven foot tall man walks past us. I wasn't really thinking and I was like DANG he's tall. I'm pretty sure he heard me. Then we kinda were trynna figure out if he played basketball. So we asked and he said yeah and that he played for the Lakers His name was Andrew Bynum. Then when we asked if he would take a picture he was like No pictures at this time. I think he was just mad because we didn't know who he was but whatever. Especially because he just took a picture with a guy in front of him. He was kinda cute though.

Oh yeah I almost forgot..check out this horse that was oustide the park. Look at that leg!!!

So overall I had a blast!!! Hope everyone enjoyed their fourth of July as much as I did!!!!