Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rockin Red Lips

I always wanted to try some red lipstick. But I was scared. It seemed to rule the 90's and more glamourous times. And rightly so. I love the way the red goes with my skin. So  red does compliment brown skin.

This particular shade of red is called Reggae Red by Fashion fair. I got it from my mom, who has had it for about twenty years or so. Yeah I know, it should be in the trash.But it still works soooo.... The packaging is the old school pink packaging. But the lipstick inside. Whoa Baby! It's super pigmented, and SMOOTH and long lasting. I think I'm gonna have to buy some Fashion Fair if they still work this way. I know it's old school and something my mom wore and even my grandmother but hey, if it works it works. I did put some light brown lipliner on my lip line to make it blend better. Also Fashion Fair.
I kinda got carried away with the pictures.

Do you rock red lipstick? What's your favorite red?