Friday, September 3, 2010

The Body Shop Merry Cranberry Shimmer Lotion

Oooh, shimmer lotion. I'm not big on shimmer but I thought "What the Heck? I'll try it. I think it was only three euros. Which is unbelievable cheap for The Body Shop.

The Body Shop says:

Make sure your skin is soft, smooth and shimmering for the holidays with a light, easily-absorbed moisturizer that has a sweet, fruity scent.Cranberry seed oil moisturizes skin.Community Trade shea butter protects and softens skin.Community Trade sesame oil moisturizes and softens skin. Our favorite little red berry has come bouncing back in wonderfully refreshing products with fruity new formats too. The range also enables us to help support six of our Community Trade suppliers so we’re simply bursting with happiness.

It smells YUMMY. Just like cranberries. Well, actually I've never smelled real cranberries, I've never even seen them. Only the Juice. But this seems to be the same scent. It even has the tartness of the cranberry scent. I also smell green apple and pear but it enhances the scent of the lotion. As far as moisturizing this stuff sinks in SO fast and leaves no trace. It's also not heavy so dry skin sufferers beware. I do wish it were a little more moisturizing though. And I with the scent would stick around longer, I would say anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour is how long it stays. Now let's talk about shimmer. It's silver and super subtle and it's definitely shimmer and not glitter. It stays on FOREVER but my only complaints are it's barely noticeable and when I do notice it I wish it were gold.

For what I payed it was definitely worth it. For full price I would probably skip it though. This should be out around Christmas again though because Body Shop made it part of their permanent Christmas line.Now I'm off to get a nice tall glass of cranberry-grape juice. YUM!!