Thursday, October 28, 2010

Beauty Secrets Moisturizing Base Coat

Do you use base coat before applying nail color? Before I got this, I didn't. I could figure out what I need a base coat for. It just sounded like a bunch of extra stuff you don't need. But after I read up on base coats I read that it protects the nail from yellowing and some can even help to harden your nails. I mainly picked this up to prevent my nails from staining when I used certain colors.

Beauty Secrets says:
Vitamin and protein enrichedProtects and moisturizes
Beauty Secrets Moisturizing Base Coat is vitamin and protein enriched for healthier, conditioned nails. Toluene and formaldehyde-free formula.

So first off the bottle is HUGE. I love the bottle. It looks so ridiculous to pull out a bottle of nail polish that is so huge but I love it. So how does it perform? Well I have a love hate relationship with this nail polish. I love it because it does prevent my nails from yellowing and it really does help my nail polish to last alot longer. It's like it bonds it to my nail. But the part I hate is that it makes my nail polish take FOREVER to dry. Of course you can solve this problem pretty quickly by using it with a quick drying top coat. Also it seems to not work that great with some of my creme nailpolishes. It makes application a little bit harder.

Another thing I notice is my nails seem to grow faster the only thing is that my nails still split so I think I'd like to try something that helps harden my nails to.

Overall it's OK.  It lasts a long time. I've had it a year and still haven't gotten half way through the bottle. I think I'd like to try something different though. I am thinking about trying the top coat one day though.