Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ignorant People and Natural Hair

We all come across them. They're EVERYWHERE. We live with them, work with them, we're friends with them. In my case I go to class with one of them .I  was sittinng in my Literary Critism class, and some girl was reading the school newspaper. "Why is everybody and they mama going natural?"

It does seem that everyone is going natural. Is it just a phase? Are people doing it for the right reason's or are they just being followers? Who knows? But back to my class. This little boy in the classroom decides to start giving his opinion on natural hair. Apparently he doesn't know WHY everyone is going natural or why they would want to be natural. Now this doesn't sound so bad but it was his TONE. As though there was a problem with natural hair. I don't see him relaxing his hair, so is it fair that he expects women to relax theirs? NO.

I digress.