Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Body Shop Morrocan Rose Eau de Toillette

I decided to try this simply because it was next on the website after Love Etc. And if you follow my blog you know I LOVED that perfume. I'd already tried it in the store but I wanted to give it a chance chance and see how I would like wearing it on a daily basis. I got this for about 25 dollars. Not a super expensive scent.
The Body Shop says:
A fresh and sophisticated rose fragrance that encapsulates the beauty and romance of spring. Combing fresh dewy rose, lemon oil, a hint of spice and warm vanilla with Moroccan Rose Oil.

So I have just come the conclusion that this scent is just not for me. I'm more into vanilla-y type scents or something just plain sexy. This smells...well it smells like roses. I will say that after I've had it on for a long time and I get really close to where I sprayed it, it smells FABULOUS. But it's really light and with a perfume, you shouldn't have to wait until a few hours after you spray it.
The packaging it too cute though!!! It's comes in a rectangular bottle with retro roses on it. It doesn't come in a box or any excess packaging which is just fine by me as I throw all that excess stuff in the trash. It's a 50 ml bottle or 1.69 ounces and it goes quickly. I'm already like 1/4 through the bottle and I've only been using it for all of two weeks in a half.
It's worth a sniff if your into rose scents as it's not a grandmothery type rose scent but I've come to the conclusion that it is just not for me!! Have you tried any of The Body Shop Frangrances?