Saturday, January 1, 2011

Anita Baker

I LOVE ANITA BAKER! Love, Love, Love! She has an amazing voice, amazing songs, and amazing lyrics.  Sigh. I think one summer I just listened to her music over and over, and it's crazy because I never get tired of them.

I love her hair cut too. She knows how to rock some short hair. I think her latest album came out in 2003 but I didn't like much off of it. You should definitely check out her music of your into the oldies.

Here are my favorite songs by her:

Just Because
No One In The World
Same Ol' Love
Giving You The Best That I Got
Good Love
You Belong To Me
Been So Long
Sweet Love
Caught Up in the Rapture
I Apologize
Body and Soul
No More Tears

Words cannot explain how much I love these songs. Check them out. And does anyone notice how much Toni Braxton was influenced by Anita. It's crazy...