Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thrifty Shopping: The Body Shop

I shop at The Body Shop like a crazy person. I have so much of their stuff it's ridiculous. Most of it is unopened but I'm going to get to it soon. Now I do realize that The Body Shop is ridiculously expensive, they charge twenty dollars for seven ounces of body butter and thirteen for an eight ounce shower gel. I could never pay the full price for anything they have. Well, sometimes I do it, but most times NO. I've learned to get most of their items for at least half price which is much more reasonable for me. Here's how I do it.

Love Your Body Card: With this card, you get ten percent off of everything they sell and each time you spend twenty dollars you get a point. If you spend fifty you get two. When you get to your fourth point you get fifteen dollars of free products, and when you get to your eighth point you get twenty five dollars free and the next year free. The Love Your Body Card costs ten dollars and lasts for a year. Since I've been shopping there so much I figured I would go ahead and get one. And you get ten dollars free on your birthday month. So the card pays for itself.

In Store sales-Sign up for the emails so you can get notified when the Body shop has any sort of a sale, or free shipping that can help you save money. I know there are two times a year where they do the ten for thirty sale which is absolutely amazing. They also do a red bag sale where you buy a bag (usually some of the proceeds go to a worthy cause) and everything you can fit in the bag is half off.

Check TJ Maxx, and Marshall's. I have seen some products at great prices in there.

Sign Up for Email- So you can be notified when the products go on sale.

The reason I like shopping at The Body Shop is because I like the company. They support fair trade which I support by shopping at their company, they donate to worthy causes, and they don't test on animals. I also like that they use a lot of Shea and Cocoa Butters in the products. Now of course I don't LOVE every product I have tried by them and many times for me the products are average, but I have managed to find some great things.

Happy Shopping!!