Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tea Time

It's winter and I'm back on tea time. It works at helping me to control my weight by stifling my appetite. At night I usually get the munchies and instead of eating something sweet, I'll just grab some of this!!

I was hoping to LOVE this tea because I'd read so many positive reviews online, but the truth is I only like it. It's "just okay". I was excited to try an orange flavored tea and thought it would be an "orange explosion" in my mouth but I guess I'll keep looking. It is a black tea though and it does contain caffeine, but I noticed that they do sell it decaffeinated.

Begelow says:
Created by Ruth Bigelow in her kitchen over 60 years ago "Constant Comment"® is today America's most

popular specialty tea. This original blend of the finest mountain-grown tea is deliciously flavored with rind of oranges and sweet spice. There's no other tea in the world quite like it. 20 individually foil wrapped tea bags per box. 6 boxes per case.

Ingredients: black tea, rind of oranges, sweet spice, natural flavor.

Black Tea-potential heart tonic, cancer blocker, fat buster, immune stimulant, arthritis soother, virus fighter and cholesterol detoxifier
Orange Rind- Supposedly lowers cholesterol

I do love that the ingredients are all natural and I do recommend trying it. It isn't bad but just not something I want to drink over and over again. Better that that Lipton Mango stuff I was drinking.