Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ashford and Simpson

I love me some Ashford and Simpson. Not only a great couple but ther are great songwriters too! They wrote a few songs that you SHOULD know Ain't no Mountian High Enough, You're All I Need to Get By, Reach Out and Touch SOmebody's Hand, I'm Every Woman among many many more.

Unfortunately they gave most of their good songs away so theyre albums seems to be filled with outdated music. But there are a few that I absolutely love.

Solid- How can anyone not love this upbeat song!!
Hungry for Me Again- They played this song on the Jackson Five movie....
Is it Still Good To Ya?- This song was also done with Teddy

And they still perform!!!

Sidenote- Ashfords Jheri Curl cracks me up....I was going back and watching there music videos (which are good entertainment) and couldn't get past it!!!