Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Black Radiance Illusions Lip Gloss in Marvelous Mocha

Now if you read my blog regularly you know I love my Black Radiance Lip Glosses. They came out with some new colors in the Illusions line and I picked up a color that I would probably never pick. A Mocha color. Welll....

Black Radiance says:
Make your lips irresistibly kissable with extra shine and shimmer! Black Radiance Illusions Lip Gloss captures all the light from a prism and applies it to your lips for a new-dimension elegance. Moisturize your lips with one of three diva-tastic colors.

  • Applies a coat of shimmer and shine with an added touch of multi-illusion light sparkles
  • Light-refracting, prismatic color
  • For perfectly glossed, kissable lips
  • Wear it solo for sheer shimmer or pair it up with Perfect Tone Lip Color to enhance your look.

It's not really Mocha. Well not in my opinion. It's like a frosty light purplish brown. At first I didn't like it. It was too...dark. But I've never played around with any brownsih shades so it takes some getting used to. It has grown on me now. If you want a dark neutral face this is perfect. But...only for night time. Day time use it looks like ash on me. Unless I mix it with something which it's perfect for..hae a color that's too light? Throw some of this on top or bottom and you have an instant fix. It would probably pair with a similar color lipstick nicely and add more dimension

As usual, I love the formula. Balck Radiance lip glosses are silky smooth with no "sticky feel". They last about average.

For the price they are great. Can't beat $2.99. I reccomend it. It's a perfect play color. I'm sure you will find some use for it!!