Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Body Shop Bath Gloves

I picked these up for about three euro, which is about five or six dollars. They are pretty expensive but I figured I would give them a try.

The Body Shop says:

These bath gloves increase the lather of your body wash and whisk away dead skin cells.
Remove dead skin cells
Increase the lather of your body wash
Leave skin feeling softer and smoother

They come in a variety of colors but I chose my favorite, orange. They are pretty scrubby and don't seem to lose any of they're scrub as I've been using them. Of couse you don't get as much foam as you would with a shower pouf but it does ok.

I love these because you can kill two birds with one stone, no more sudsing up and THEN using a scrub this turns your shower gel, cream, or soap into a scrub thus eliminating a step.(also saving money because you won't have to buy a scrub). Perfect for those that are in a time crunch. I also notice that if I'm using a soap that lingers this makes it linger a little bit longer.

Since I've been using this my skin is a bit smoother, but I find that I can't use this everyday. My skin can only handle this about every other day or every third day. Once you get used to the scrubiness the gloves feel extremely nice. So massaging.

Overall I reccomend them. I think I'm going to try a few different brands and see if there really is a difference in quality (these are good quality).