Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Brown Girl Unfriendly Foundation

It's already hard enough to find foundations for my brown skin but sometimes it seems that companies go out of their way to make things a tad bit harder. I guess you can call this post a quick rant.

Is ut just me or has anyone else noticed companies trying to pass off tan shades as deep? For example, I was in Walmart and I was browsing through the Hard Candy line. They have a foundation color that they call deep but I swear it was tan. If I were to walk out the house with THAT on my face......yuck.

I'm not aware of all the companies that do this but Benefit's Some Kind of Gorgeous Foundation Faker and 100% percent pure both do this. (I only know this because I was lusting after some of their products).

Another thing that makes me mad is when a company makes a lighter dark shade and then a darker dark shade....but nothing in between. Someone let these companies know that when I choose a foundation I don't want to have to buy two and then mix it before I use it...I want something I can just throw on my face!

And then we have the companies that just don't bother with the darker shades. I hate hearing a review for a foundation and then hearing that they don't carry my shades.

Do any of these things bother you? What are some companies that get brown girl foundation shades right?