Friday, June 10, 2011

Keeping My Spacing Smelling Good

No one likes a funky smelling I just decided to write a quick post on the things I use to keep my space smelling fresh.

The first is a diffuser. I got this one from the body shop. The oil inside is Morrocan Rose. I've already previously used the body butter and ther perfume. It isn't my favorite scent but for five euros you really can't beat it. Plus te oil has lasted for about a year. I'm not really sure why. It isn't really strong and for some reason I think the scent is more appropriate for a garden.

The next thing I use is a room spray. Now of course Febreze is cheaper but sometimes I want a little something extra. And I love cupcakes so I decided to try it. It as under five dollars I think. Unfortuately it doesn't make my space smell like fresh baked vanilla cupcakes, it's more of a dusky vanilla. And it doesn't last that long but I still like it!

What do you use to make your space fresh?