Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Love Music: Atlantic Starr

I'm an eighties baby, ya heard? And because I'm an eighties baby I LOVE Atlantic Starr. Well they carried over into the nineties but you know what I mean. They played and sang absolutely fabulous music.

Secret Lover is one of my top songs...I remember my parents singing it when I was really little but it was only recently I realized how triflin the words are! I still love it though.

And Always...such a beautiful song.

These are some of my other favorites by them:

One Lover at A Time
If You're Heart Isn't In It
Am I Dreaming( Keith Sweat and Xscape remade this)
Let's Get Closer
Love Me Down
If You Knew What's Good For You
You Hit the Spot
Hold On
Touch a Four Leaf Clover ( Erykah Badu remade this one)

Sigh. Does it get any better than them?