Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Living in Germany: German Carnival

This past weekend I went to a German Carnival!! Each town has their own little Carnival and seeing as mine was only a a short walk away, I went. I had a lot of fun too!

So here are some German Goodies! I didn't try these but they look interesting right? Nect time I see a stand of these I'm gonna go ahead and try some.

Of course you can get the German bratwurst..Which I"ll try next time..

And don't forget about the beer, one of the most important parts!!

They had the cutest seats

And they had some fruit juice...with or without wine. I got strawberry...it wasn't that great..

Can't forget the sugar-coated nuts! I picked up a few...they have walnuts, almonds, pecans, sometimes macadamia nuts coated in sugar and cinnamon. They are pretty good!!

Lastly I got a waffle. Only it's not a waffle like what I nor probably you think. Waffles are usually sweet and this was...potato-y and meaty. Strange. But I loved the way they made it. Over a fire with an iron. This is the man who made mine.

 Oh yeah I almost forgot, my sister always gets a crepe, although they are French, Germany does pretty good in making them. Gotta love that Nutella!!

That concludes my time at the Carnival. Can't wait for next years!!