Saturday, August 20, 2011

MAC Eyeshadow in Nehru

Another gift!! Yay!! I've had this for over a year. It cost fourteen dollars retail..but mine was completely free. It's not one of the first colors I would reach for it's a pretty nice addition.

MAC claims:
A Matte Bluish-Black

 Ignore the gold sparkles. Those were just on my skin.

This is a bluish-black but I have to say I can barely tell. I mean I can kinda see it but when it's on my skin...I can't. There is a dark grey blue undertone but on my skin it just comes out a dark cloudy black. It has the potential to be unique but I would say this is a drugstore dupable color.

With that being said it is pigmented, it blends nicely, and there is not fallout. I can tell it is a high quality shadow. I like using it as a crease color...and sometimes to darken another crease color. It can work as an eyeliner.

It's not a must have...but I do really like it.

I wonder why it's called Nehru. Anybody know???