Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My New Macbook

I am...the proud new owner of a Macbook pro!!!! Now I'll be the first to tell you that four years ago when I was shopping for a computer I glanced at the Mac...then badmouthed them for having the same specs as other computers but costing an arm and a leg more. So I went with HP. And it served me right for two years...and then the screen wouldn't light up. And it costs over $200 to fix and since the battery was shot and I'de already replaced the charger I decided to just buy a new one.

I went with a red Toshiba that was fabulous although it was a little heavy and bulky. I think it was four inches. It was cool..until I dropped boiling water on it and my hand. It was a total user error. So I needed a new computer and decided to try a MAC. I'de become a little more familiar with the operating system and decided it was easier to operate than Windows. (especially WIndows Vista that asks for permission to do everything!!! and froze all the time)

So knowing that MAC offered three different types of computers I had to narrow it down. The Macbook Air is...nice. It's nice and light. But very expensive and lacking a Disk Drive. The white Macbook looks great but it was lacking a SD card slot...which left me with the pro. I went for the 13 inch because I like smaller computers.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this computer. It's aluminum so it's nice and sleek, the keyboard is a breeze to type on, the display is gorgeous, the glass trackpad is amazing, and its so easy to operate!  Not to mention it's not susceptible to the viruses that Windows is susceptible to. And it's supposed to keep it's reselling value pretty well. 

Yay Macbook!!!

I don't even mind that I have to work a few extra weeks to pay for it! It's worth it!!

There's supposed to be a new operating system for it (Mac OSX Lion)..but I went to the store and was playing with's not something that I need right now so I think I'll stick with Snow Leopard for now.